The know-how derived from domain expertise and architectural principles is key to a sound data strategy. Execution however, is the important half that streamlines data strategies into successful implementation.

Deriving value from data is not a process in isolation. It requires co-crafting. It depends upon the alignment with other processes. It requires an understanding of the time value. It benefits from visualization.

At Datafiniti, we leverage critical thinking to decompose complex problems and crystallize succinct data requirements. We do a Business case analysis to derive the value of the data and the architectural choices. In existing situations we look at Gap Analysis to define the reference between the current and target choices. Data is not seen in isolation and needs to be coordinated with Business processes. We conduct a Flow analysis and Process alignment to ensure that that the data flows as expected through the elements in the network and preserves integrity across multiple hops.

We get exposed to solving unique data situations. These demand a solid grasp of traditional and contemporary project and product management techniques. At Datafiniti, we take full ownership and accountability of custom work with Project Management practices. Most data problems center around products. Both Transformational and Evolutionary strategies in the product life-cyle need a strong underpinning of product management. Datafiniti aligns to these management practices to build lasting returns with data.