Data is unstructured in its natural form. In its rudimentary form it often defies clarity and exhibits a  tendency to become unmanageable.

Data architecture and engineering enable to realize the full potential of data by giving it the right form and structure. Data within control can delivery the value it is intended for. Data in the correct form and relevance transforms to information for its consumers.

While data is ubiquitous, we focus on architecting it in two main spheres.

Data in the Network is time-sensitive and often resource-constrained. For instance delays can mean dropped calls and jitter in the video. Exceeding Bandwidth available can result long-waits. With the evolution of mobile networks towards 4G, becoming data-plane centric and all-IP, maintaining a control on data itself, its delivery and latency is key to its engineering. The Apps on the smartphones have unleashed a data tsunami in the network. But that is only the beginning. Smart-Grid, machine-to-machine and the next step to connected devices shall unfold more challenges. Datafiniti can help to architect this exciting network evolution by the right performance and traffic engineering for data. Optimizing the protocols between the network elements, applications and smart-devices exchanging the data. Devising effective solutions and strategy for the co-existence of networks in this new dimension of convergence. Data offload through small cells or Wifi for example.

Data in the Enterprise faces a different set of challenges. Relative to the network, enterprise data is more transactional and relies heavily on persistent volumes of data. While a good database design provides a robust foundation, Data architecture focuses on two aspects. The first is Change. Enterprises are in a constant state of evolution or transformation. New Business needs, supporting new network paradigms and technologies place constant pressures on the network to meet these requirements. Secondly, the interworking between a plethora of systems and applications. Datafiniti addresses this dynamic nature of the enterprise by architecting the data. Solving challenges of integrity, resilience and sustenance. Enabling Service-Orientation and Layering. Building Architecture to scale by handling large data.

Whether in the network or in the enterprise, we rely heavily on Data Visualization. We build the right modeling techniques to create end-to-end and holistic views of transient and persistent data and interactions within various systems.