The new world of communications.

In a world where voice is data.For decades voice communications dictated how we communicate. Voice was the killer app. The data revolution has silently overturned voice as the core ARPU attraction. Voice itself has transformed from dedicated channels to being delivered in data packets. Data in turn has transformed voice to an interactive experience by enriching it with video as well.

Untethered everywhere. The magic of wireless has one small issue - the spectrum it relies upon is finite. There are bounds to its data carrying capacity with current technologies. Consumer demands of streaming, gaming are increasing the strain on wireless networks.

The Ubiquity of apps and smart devices. The ability to stream content to smart devices has enriched the user experience but increased the amount of data-flow. Nearly 40% of data on wireless networks is coming from streaming applications in the US.

The Internet of connected things. The excitement is only beginning. Within the next few years millions of smart-meters, refrigerators, game consoles, home devices, cameras, automobiles will be joining the connected network. They will not talk. Just send and receive data.

Datafiniti traverses in this domain. Solving complex problems of engineering data to seamlessly traverse through app-stores, content delivery networks, enterprise applications, core and access networks. Datafiniti offers strong domain knowledge of underlying protocols in a broadband IP world. Transcending from 3G to 4G-LTE infrastructure within the islands of WiFi, Femtocells. Bridging the Mobile-Cloud, App-Stores and IMS for a unique content experience. Structuring the data in the enterprise for service delivery and assurance, Datafiniti provides a unique co-creation of services in the new world of communications.

                                       Those who thought that information alone made one smarter did not have the right data.